Return and Refund Policy


The buyer has the right to return the product within 14 days after receiving it. The right to return is free: you do not have to pay any sum of money or other penalties. The buyer only supports the direct cost of returning the product. It is also entirely discretionary and unquestionable, it does not require a good cause: the consumer may terminate the contract "without having to provide any motivation" (Consumer Code, art. 52).

It is exercised by sending a written communication to Masoni Elio s.r.l. UNIPERSONALE within the specified time. If you want, you can also use the example form, available in the General Conditions of Sale (Annex), which must be printed, filled out and sent to the following address:

Masoni Elio s.r.l. UNIPERSONALE Via della Botte 51, 56012 Fornacette (PI) Italia

There are some exceptions to this right such as for "supply of goods made ​​to specifications or clearly personalized" (Consumer Code, art. 59, letter c). Fall into this category every non-prefabricated goods produced according to an individual and personal choice of the consumer; sometimes the products purchased on MasoniOnline may fall into this category (for more information, please contact Customer Service). It is also excluded, letter e), for the "supply of sealed goods which do not lend themselves to being returned for reasons of hygiene or related to the protection of health and have been unsealed after delivery." Therefore are included all those products that require a strictly personal use, such as mattresses and pillows. In this case we will need to verify the presence and integrity of the protective cellophane, which must be sealed like at the time of delivery. You can not return products also in the following cases: goods purchased with VAT for professional purposes; goods included in contracts negotiated at the headquarters of Masoni Elio s.r.l. UNIPERSONALE and finally concluded by entering the order online "at distance".

If the right is exercised on a single product which, within a broader supply has allowed with its value the activation of "Free Standard Shipping", the promotion will no longer be applied; the shipping costs will be charged to consumer, as the ordinary rate.

The costs of returning the goods are at the expense of the buyer, who is obliged to return to Masoni Elio s.r.l. UNIPERSONALE within 14 days from the exercise of the right of return. The essential integrity of the product is an essential condition. However, it is sufficient that the goods are returned in normal condition, having been kept and used with the use of reasonable diligence. In Italy, the return costs vary between € 35.00 and € 75.00 per cubic meter depending on the region, with the exception of the addresses that fall within the list Places Special (see Shipping and Delivery Terms).

Masoni Elio s.r.l UNIPERSONALE will refund the customer the full amount paid for the product by following the transfer of the amount by bank transfer or PayPal. The buyer shall provide promptly bank or Paypal account details for the refund. Refund will be made on the business day after the date on which such information will be provided, in any case conditionally on receipt of the goods in our warehouses and after the verify of the perfect conditions.
If the procedures and time limits have not been respected by the consumer, Masoni Elio s.r.l. is not required to repay any amount. You can still return the good at the expense of the consumer. Additional costs, expressly confirmed by the customer, are also excluded from reimbursement in addition to the Standard Delivery.